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Features you should Look for in the Best Indoor Drones 2018

In the present times, drones have become an important and uniquely fulfilling hobby. These devices are not only fun to use but also come in handy as monitoring/ photography devices. Indoor drones are primarily used for honing drone flying skills before advancing to fly outdoor drones. They can also be used by kids for fun and practice since they are easier to handle and operate.

Just like outdoor drones, these indoor ones have also undergone various advancements and developments in recent times. As such, when shopping for the best indoor drones 2018, it is necessary to settle on drones with the best features. Here are the features worth considering:

Battery life

playing droneJust like other electronic devices, drones are powered by battery power. Some indoor drones use rechargeable batteries while others use non-rechargeable ones. Battery life plays a crucial role in determining how enjoyable and exciting you will find the drone to be.

The best models boast of a battery life of an average of 30 minutes or slightly more. In 2018, you should only purchase drones with an extended battery life as they are more dependable and reliable. You can also buy a spare battery to use in the drone when the primary battery is charging.

Headless mode

For people who are new drones or those who do not possess excellent flying skills, it is advisable to buy drones with a headless mode. This mode enables users to fly the drones with great ease and have excellent control over the devices.

The mode steers the drone to fly in the direction relative to your motion as opposed to that of the controller stick. The feature is exceptionally beneficial to children as it is usually challenging and tasking for them to control the drone especially when new to these devices.

Brushless motors

Operating a drone indoors can produce unnecessary noise and disturbance especially if there are young babies and infants in the house. To prevent this occurrence, it is advisable that in 2018, you should consider buying indoor drones with brushless motors.

These motors offer a quieter operation and usually have a longer lifespan hence being economical in the long run. However, it is worth noting that indoor drones with brushless motors are expensive compared to those with brushed motors.

Integrated GPS

playingMost high-end drones come with an integrated GPS feature. The feature enables the drones to trace where their last path especially when they are out of sight. This new upgrade is expected to feature in most modern indoor drones in 2018.

The upgrade minimizes the likelihood of losing the drone especially if you are using your indoor drone in partitioned rooms or even in the backyard. It is worth noting that integrated GPS feature also enhances the stability of the drone as well as the navigational skills of the user.

The best indoor drones for 2018 will possess unique features that will enhance the performance of the drone. Due to this, there is need to exercise caution and care when using the drone especially in the presence of children. Drones with brushed motors can inflict serious injuries when children come into contact with the blades of the rotators.