How to get your iPhone 7 or 7 plus unlocked

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are flagship models of the Apple company, and they are probably the leading brand in the world today. Many people save up to get them because they are powerful and can give the user everything they need in a smartphone. The issue is that they cost a small fortune and many people who have one would have purchased them on contract from a network operator.

Locked iPhones

When you get an iPhone on contract, you will have to pay an agreed hytgkflamount monthly for a predefined period which can go up to two years. The catch is that the companies will lock your new phone to their network which will stop you from leaving the provider and using another sim card in your phone. However, if you check out picozip, you will find a way to unlock your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and use it with any network in any country.

The benefits of an unlocked phone

There are many benefits of having your phone unlocked, and they include the use of your unit with other carriers who offer better call and data plans. You can also use your smartphone when you are abroad on business and not be at the mercy of high international roaming charges. However, getting your device unlocked may be the tricky part. Here are the methods that you will find available on the internet and what we think of them.

Software unlocking

Though widely publicized, this method hardly ever works, and since the modern generations of phones are complicated, they cannot be easily unlocked with software.

Hardware unlocking

If you have no love for your device you can try this method; however, you may end up making it unusable and even void the warranty of the iPhone. It is best that you do not consider this method unless you are willing to risk your phone.

IMEI unlocking

ytnhThe most trusted method available today for getting your iPhone 7 unlocked. It is done by entering your unit’s IMEI number into the Apple whitelist which will automatically unlock your phone and allow you to use it on any network around the world. You can find a reliable service if you do a little research online. One thing to keep in mind is the reputation of the unlocking serivce. Make sure you read some reviews about them to ensure they have satisfied customers who have used them.