The difference between electric and acoustic drum kit

Beginners find it hard to make a choice between an electric and acoustic drum set. An evaluation of your needs is necessary to help you make a decision between the two drum sets. In case you want to use the drum set at home, then you should buy an electric drum set. Frank Matlock in his website explains the different types of drums.  To help you make a decision on the best drum set to buy, here is a list of the difference between the electric and acoustic drum set.


Sound level

ghhghggghggThe first difference between electronic and acoustic drums is the sound level. Electronic drums have sound levels that can be reduced using headphones while acoustic drums can be loud depending on how it is played. Therefore, the electronic drums can be played at home or even late at night. The acoustic drums can affect one’s hearing due to their loud nature. It is advisable to wear ear plugs when playing acoustic drums. Acoustic drums, unlike electronic drums, cannot be played indoors.

Sound quality

Electronic and acoustic drums also differ regarding sound quality. Whereas electronic drums do not require any tuning, the acoustic drums have to be tuned before you start playing. Additionally, electronic drums have studio quality sound, but acoustic drums require you to spend money before you can get quality sound. Therefore, if you prefer digital sound quality, then you should go with electronic drums. If not, then you should buy the acoustic drums.


The recording is yet another difference between acoustic and electronic drums. The electronic drums make recording easy while acoustic drums require that you have microphones and sound studio setting before you can record. Using electronic drums do not require the use of microphones. In case you want to go through hassle free recording, you are better off with electronic drums. On the other hand, if you prefer to record in a studio setting, then you should use acoustic drums.

Replacing parts

gffggfgfgffgLastly, the other difference between the two types of drums is regard to replacing parts. Electronic drums may last for a long time without the need for replacing them, whereas the acoustic drums require changing to maintain the sound quality. Replacing the parts of an electronic drum is very expensive while replacing the parts of an acoustic drum is a bit cheaper. Replacing the parts of your drum allows you to change the sound, look, and feel of your drum set.