Uses Of The Cable Video: Using An HDMI Cable Splitter

An HDMI cable splitter is a versatile equipment that will let you maximize your enjoyment of your entertainment devices, especially if your high-definition television set has only one HDMI input. For instance, if you frequently use two media sources, such as a cable box and a video game console, you can easily do so without having to unplug the cable from one source and plug it into the other every time. Also, if you need to display the feed coming from one source to two TV sets, you can also do this with a splitter. The 10ft iphone 5 charger can be used as a cable video. This is usually needed in exhibits and other business purposes.

HDMI splitter

jhjhjhhjhjjhjjhIf you want to start using an HDMI splitter on your TV, so you don’t have to unplug and plug cables from one media source to another, make sure that your TV set is switched off. Plug the splitter into an available HDMI port, which is usually located at the back or on the side of your television. You can then plug into the splitter ports the media sources you typically utilize with your TV. Please take note that you can plug only up to two media sources into this type of splitter.


Test your new setup by switching on your devices – your TV and your two media sources, such as your cable box and your video game console. Browse through the menu on your television screen until you come upon the HDMI input option. To switch between sources, press the indicated button on your splitter box. If it comes with a remote control, it should have a button for this function. Your TV screen should show that it is already switching sources. But for some TV sets or splitters, the alternating may take some seconds.

Number of displays

If you wish to have a video and audio source HDMI splitter so you can have two displays running, you should also make sure that all the devices you’ll be using are switched off first. Plug the splitter into the available port of your sources, such as a DVD player, a cable box, or a video game console. Plug two HDMI cables into the splitter and plug the other end of those cables into the respective inputs of the two television sets or whatever media display devices you want to use. You can test your splitter function by switching on the devices and make sure that the HDMI input is selected.


hghghghggghIf you’re buying a splitter, communicate with the sales personnel all your concerns or questions about the product. Also, check the manual of your splitter to make sure that you’re connecting the devices correctly.